A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.

You'll only be able to buy it there.

What time is it now?

Liz is too skinny.

We studied about King Henry VIII in our history class today.

I want it to happen.

Where do you want me to put this suitcase?

The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its paw.

I'm here because I need Todd's help.


George was found dead.

He took credit for my idea.

This potion is made from mandrake roots, as well as other secret ingredients.


This is my letter of resignation.

The man that I visited was Mr. Doi.

My back hurts.

I almost understood the entire thing!

He learned Russian when he was young.

Pilar is going to say no.

We've got a little problem.

It's a very complex question.

I'm moving as fast as I can.

Ahmet was an accident waiting to happen.

I should probably get going.


Two weeks after being admitted to the hospital my acne suddenly started to disappear.

How can Todd be so stupid?

I just talked to Hienz.


Most were unable to read or write.

That joke isn't funny.

I waited outside on the chance of seeing you.

Eva left the final decision to Scott.

When you were two years old, you could count to ten.

Their year-long stay in Germany was very fruitful.

He dashed out in confusion.

Please open it.

Who solved the hard problem?

Since our father is bedridden, we take turns looking after him.

He was an excellent scientist, and what is more, was a great poet.

Cathrin was quite obnoxious.

I bought a lot of books.


We have to wash it.

I thought you didn't want to come.

Metin is the only one who doesn't look tired.


That's your loss.


I'll let you think about it.


We're not taking any chances.

Have you ever encouraged your children to go on a diet?

No one else can do it.


Elias's a real expert.

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The committee would like me to have someone to whom I can direct questions or go to for guidance about the city and its resources; I believe, therefore, that you would be a very good match.

She didn't read the book.

I'm not your father.

I can recommend a good doctor.

Jock cut herself while she was mincing onions.

That was pretty cool.

Did you come home early just to eat then go out again?

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If someone criticize you, it's because you have something that he will never have.

Not here.

I want to make you happy.

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There's a big package on the desk for you.

But I never had you.

Let her live.


Harvey hung out with his friends.


It's really rare.

I have been studying English for three years.

It is said that women live longer than men.

I have to get up early tomorrow. Can you give me a call at six?

A year has twelve months.


I want to go to bed.


Just press the button and a clear photo will be produced by the latest technology.


I don't need protection.

Instead of sitting there and hypothesizing pointlessly like the bunch of armchair theorists you are, why not go out and do some actual research for a change?

Never call someone a terrorist.

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All hope of winning the game vanished.

I was involved in a petty argument.

They're celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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Would you like to eat some udon?

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I live in the United States.

Jeffery is waiting outside.

Someone is coming over.

I have no idea where Raja keeps his passport.

It was too late for us to do anything else.


That can't last.


Dan was very good at his job.

Laurel will make it on time.

It certainly is a good day for a picnic.

Why won't you listen?

I brush my teeth after eating.

When I see the soundly sleeping face of my daughter, I think, "I will give it my all tomorrow, too."

If you had not helped me, I would have failed.

We miss Boston.

The unhappy woman, drowned in tears, told her story.

You're prudent.

You can tell her.

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And they found themselves in a magical world called Narnia.


We were in love.


I'm really tired, so I'm going to go to bed early tonight.

They already know.

Tell me what you thought I said.

Nobody likes to lose money.

Matti was lost.


Triantaphyllos needs to stay close.

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I'm going to come back for you.

There's a snag.

Amedeo is quite an expert.

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The population of your city is about five times as large as that of my town.

Naoto is a gym teacher.

I skinned one.


The conquered are always wrong. History considers nothing but their defeat.

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The whole nation is waging a war against poverty.

Japan consumes a lot of paper.

His wish was realized at last.

You didn't see nothing.

You may eat anything as long as you don't eat too much.


The meeting has already begun.

The picnic lasted the whole day.

Janice has been going out with Stevan for about three years.

I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.

Did you get the flowers I sent you?

I just didn't want to upset you.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

But Pepperberg says working with the parrot has already changed the way of looking at animals.

Vincenzo was sitting in the dark, smoking.

They ran out of fuel in the middle of the Pacific.

Saify put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do.

Everyone is outraged.

I feel happy.

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If you leave them lying on the desk they may roll off, so stand them in the test-tube rack.

Hey Id like a spanish translation of it ASAP. thx.

The game has been postponed indefinitely.

Diana explained it.

I was surprised by what I learned.

The wound left a scar on her arm.

She has some literary talent.

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He led the defense of Ostyn castle, besieged by the Teutonic knights.

I didn't have anything to do with Martha's death.

We'll be prepared.

The criminal was arrested by two police officers.

I didn't mind.

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My wife loves her garden.

Tokyo is bigger than Rome.

Who's getting married?

Tell Jay I miss him.

Cathrin helped Allen escape from prison.

He contemplated taking a trip to Paris.

Dan accidentally set fire to the curtain.

There is a mass of dark clouds in the sky.

How much did you eat?

He arrived by sea but left by air.

He is not religious.

I esteem it an honor to address this audience.

Where are the police?

The workmen arrived early, bringing their ladders.

I was so wrong about Juha.

Conrad was wearing a red and white striped bathing suit.

What's your favorite movie soundtrack?

I had two copies of the book.

She was sent to a psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period of time.


I'm being fired.

Sangho can't ride a bike.

Dan didn't even apologize to Linda.

If you are going to build something in the air it is always better to build castles than houses of cards.

Nichael gets on well with both of his sisters, but things are a bit strained with his brother.


How did you accomplish this?